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Asbestos Vermiculite

Asbestos Containing Vermiculite Insulation

Does Your Property Contain Contaminated Vermiculite Insulation?

Vermiculite has been a popular type of insulation in homes and commercial properties for many years. Unfortunately, a lot of the vermiculite that was used to insulate American buildings in the twentieth century was eventually discovered to be contaminated with asbestos.

Dealing with asbestos contaminated vermiculite is a difficult job that requires a DFW asbestos removal professional. In some cases the affected material must be removed, and in other cases it may be best to leave it where it is while following certain precautions.

If your office or home contains vermiculite insulation, you need protect yourself from the threat of asbestos exposure. Here’s what you should know:

Recognizing Vermiculite

The good news is that vermiculite is fairly easy to spot. If your insulation is loose and pebbled and looks like miniature packing peanuts or foamy gravel, you likely are stuck with vermiculite. It may be poured within cinder block or framed walls, or it may be found spread between rafters in attics or under flooring.

After You’ve Found Vermiculite

If you think you’ve found potentially dangerous insulation in your property, call 214.989.4044 to speak to an asbestos abatement contractor about the problem. Your property should be tested to properly evaluate the situation.

The most important rule of thumb to follow after discovering vermiculite insulation in your building is to not disturb it. Asbestos becomes a danger when it is airborne. This is why, in some cases, the safest solution is to not remove affected insulation. The act of removal itself may cause a contamination if not handled properly by a professional.

An asbestos removal contractor can help you take precautions to protect your home or office if it is found that contaminated insulation is best left undisturbed.

Tips to Remember

While you’re waiting for asbestos testing , keep these tips in mind at all times:

– Assume that asbestos contamination is present

– Never disturb or remove vermiculite on your own

– Seal off the area believed to be contaminated

– Stay away from potentially contaminated areas

– Warn employees, home inhabitants, or anyone near the affected area

More Info

It’s hard for many to believe, but asbestos is still legal in the US today. For more information on that shocking fact, check out this blog about why asbestos is still legal written by a contractor providing asbestos abatement in Denver.

Asbestos is a problem that’s not going away anytime soon. To ensure that your family or your employees are protected from a vermiculite insulation contamination threat, contact us today.