Lead-based paint (LBP) is a very common hazardous material in our living environments.

Lead was added to paint (and still is in many countries) because of its ability to decrease drying time and maintain the overall quality of the applied paint over much longer periods of time.

LBP can be found in any type of building – residential, commercial, military, industrial, etc., and on virtually any type of building material, including siding, drywall, steel beams, and many more. It can even be found in the soil around a home or other building.

Only testing done by licensed professionals can truly determine whether lead is present in paint or not.

Damage to humans caused by lead paint can be very serious, including nervous system damage and reproductive damage, among other problems. Risk is highest to children under the age of 6 because their bodies are still developing, but also because they are most likely to be exposed to lead poisoning through lead paint chips, toys, and dust.

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