Pacific Environmental specializes in certified mold remediation methods, and we are proud to have over a decade of experience in the industry as a company, and well over 75 years of combined staff experience dealing with this common problem. Our experience in mold remediation spans all industries and includes projects of over half a million dollars.

Mold remediation is the process of first fixing the source of the problem or moisture, then removing mold and mold-contaminated materials in a safe manner. Materials are removed under a negative-pressure containment to ensure that no mold spores escape the work area into other parts of the building. Safe chemicals are used to kill the mold and clean the area before encapsulating surfaces with mold inhibitors. Testing by a qualified, independent, and state-licensed 3rd party will ensure that all areas are clean and clear of mold problems before our containment is removed.

If the customer chooses, Pacific Environmental can then build back the area to the customer’s desires, thus making each mold project a turn-key job.

If you have a mold issue at your home, place of business, or a property you manage, we can help. One of our project managers will discuss your situation with you and walk you through the process and details of your project, step by step. It is of utmost importance to us that you, as the client, understand and feel comfortable with the mold remediation process. We will do all we can to achieve this goal.

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